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Bookkeeping, Vendor, Client and Customer Support

Looking for someone to do your bookkeeping on a weekly or monthly basis? Need help with invoicing your clients, paying bills, processing payroll, or just reconciling your bank account each month? Look no further.


We specialize in helping individuals and organizations with their accounting needs. As a contractor working for your business remotely from our own office you incur no additional personnel- or equipment-related expenses. Employing a competent and experienced staff Sprinkle Scribes can serve clients in different industries at many different levels. Whether you need someone to manage your accounts payable, setup QuickBooks or another cloud-based accounting system, or simply close your books each month, we have a solution for you. Sprinkle Scribes has a track record of quality work, outstanding customer service, and affordable prices.

Accounts Payable & Receivable

I can handle all of your vendor bills and schedule and manage payments accordingly. I can manage accounts receivable, including creating invoices, sending invoices, providing statements, and assisting in collections, and then document those payments in QuickBooks or similar program, and create deposits to match what you take to the bank.

Account Reconciliation

I can take your faxed, emailed, or website-accessible account records and reconcile them. I can manage all of your transactions through your accounting system’s bank feed, including matching deposits or outgoing transactions against vendor bills and reconciling credit card or debit card transactions, EFT/ACH, and handwritten checks.


Since bookkeepers have an intimate knowledge of your books, it often proves easier to have your bookkeeper work with your tax preparer when it’s time to file your taxes. I can do that.

Employee Payroll

I can manage your payroll in QuickBooks, other similar accounting programs, or a payroll service provider and assist in the processing of paychecks and/or expense reimbursements.


  • What reports do I get?
      • This is totally up to you, though many clients choose a P&L and Balance Sheet.
  • What is the cost for catch-up work?
      • Catch-up work is billed on a per-project basis. Please contact us for a free quote for your project.
  • Do you charge a setup fee?
      • The amount of the setup fee depends upon how much cleanup and setup work needs to be done.
  • What if I have multiple companies?
      • Typically we design our service plans on a per-company basis. However, depending upon the scope of services needed by each company, we may be able to provide a multi-company discount.

Please contact us for a free custom quote.

We are very open and accustomed to providing tailored solutions to our clients.

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