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Transcription Services

Sprinkle Scribes, a U.S.-based company, provides transcription, and general personal and business support services for an impressive array of clients.

Having produced thousands of pages of typed materials ranging from book manuscripts, transcripts of podcasts, interviews and sermons, to resumes, legal pleadings, inventory and sales reports, you can be assured of confidentiality, fast turnaround and the highest quality.

Professionals in the fields of government and financial services, legal and law enforcement, academia, public relations and home-based enterprises have relied on Sprinkle Scribes to exceed expectations while meeting deadlines.

With support for just about any type of audio and video file and quick, secure transmission options, your files for transcription can be received, transcribed and sent back to you within the time frame requested (certain limitations may apply).

Professional and Personal Business Support

If you could get more done in less time and with less overall expense, what would you do with that savings to enhance your personal life as well as your business?

Fortunately, it is possible to delegate the most critical and time-consuming tasks (customer care, bookkeeping, information management, vendor relations, for instance) without increasing employee tax and benefits expenses.

Our comprehensive business support services are flexible and tailor-made for small and home-based business owners, educators, child care providers, as well as individuals seeking options forw maintaining an independent lifestyle.

Consider what you could be doing if you had more free time or the resources to assist you 24/7.

  • What new opportunities would you explore?
  • What extra revenue channels could you develop?
  • How would you use the creative energy that has been freed up?

Inventory Administration

Electronic Records Maintenance

Travel or Entertainment Bookings

Event Planning Support

Internet Research

Customer & Supplier Follow Up

Consumer and Competitor Research and Analysis

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