Q: What are your transcription rates or prices?

A: I do not have a flat pricing model but my transcription rates are very competitive. I understand that each client has specific needs and will work up a price quote based on your transcription requirements.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: Turnaround for general transcription depends on many factors, including but not limited to length, quality of audio and special needs such as time stamps. If more than one day’s worth of audio files is submitted at a time, that may impact turnaround. For reference purposes, an hour of audio typically translates to 3-4 hours of transcription, depending on the quality of original recordings and amount of formatting required per a template you may provide.

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: I have experience as a court reporter for a state bar association, recording and transcribing transcripts of disciplinary hearings and depositions, as well as transcribing from live and recorded/written police investigative and interview reports. I have completed medical coding training and have provided transcription and copy editing support for other transcription providers, educators, therapists and professors involved in research publication. I also have an extensive background in financial and other specialized data and reporting functions. If there is a proposal I do not feel qualified for or have the necessary time to take on, I will advise you and offer an alternative, if possible.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need to start?

A: I recommend digital recorders for your dictations/interviews/projects. You may also use cell phone apps. Most formats are accepted, including digital video. Contact me for more information if you are still unsure how to record, download or transfer your file. For general text to text typing, emailing your source document as an attachment works well, depending on the size of your file.

Q: What factors impact audio quality?

A: Difficult-to-hear audio may have background noise, speakers talking over each other, multiple speakers or speakers with accents, low volume and/or fast talkers. Recordings in public places or via telephone calls often result in lower quality. Lower quality audio is not impossible to transcribe in most instances. If you are unsure the file you have is usable, contact me before giving up.

Q: How will I get my dictations/audio files to you?

A: Typically file transfer is done via email (small files) or a file-sharing service (for multiple or longer file types) at no extra charge to you. Transcripts are returned by email, but I will work with you to satisfy any system you prefer.

Q: In what format are finished transcripts returned?

A: Transcripts are prepared in Microsoft Word and will be returned in either .doc or .docx format. If you need another format, let me know.

Q: Do you transcribe verbatim?

A: The standard transcription product is non-verbatim, eliminating hesitation sounds (e.g. um, er, uh, etc.), but including most hesitation words (you know, I mean, etc.) and punctuated properly for an easily readable transcript. Verbatim transcription is also available, as well as time-stamping.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?

A: Yes. This guarantees confidentiality, turnaround times, fees and a payment schedule, but does not lock you into continuing to use our services for any set amount of time.

Q: What if I need customer support?

A: I am available via email or telephone. I will advise continuing clients of periods of unavailability (vacation or power outage, for instance) in advance to ensure no interruption to your work flow. However, since my work is performed via online applications and software, I can access information and complete work even if I am not physically in my office.

Q: What kinds of payment do you accept?

A: Payment by PayPal is preferred, but alternate payment methods (business check or cash) may be considered if you are located in the immediate service area OR a retainer relationship has been established.

For other questions, contact me by phone 479-310-0417 or email at